Ryokan by Adil Sulaiman

Adil sulaiman back
Adil sulaiman front wired

wired view

Adil sulaiman washroom shot


Adil sulaiman wc wired

gif showing the washroom + wired

Adil sulaiman tub shot


Adil sulaiman tub wired

Gif showing the tub + wired view

Adil sulaiman furniture


Adil sulaiman modular shot

Modular that I used to build the scene

This is a Ryokan I finally completed.
This is a previous piece I worked on where I reworked on the lighting to be based off actual Ryokan (such as a single artificial light source, due to relying on open windows etc). I also added some/fixed some assets for the full potential.

I added the polycount on the diorama to showcase optimization for the more key models.

I mainly used 3Ds Max, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine to work on this primarily.